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kyleKyle began his career in the brewing industry at Garrison Brewing Company, it was there he found an appreciation for craft beer. He was able to tailor his schooling in Food Science & Biology at Dalhousie University around brewing, fermentation and the science behind it. Immediately after his degree was complete he was hired as the QA Manager/Assistant Brewer at Spindrift Brewing Company. Now at Gahan House, Kyle strives to make unique and traditional beers with an emphasis on quality. His preference for different beer styles and interest in different processes continues to change and this will always be reflected by what comes out of the brewhouse.


chrisChef’s Q & A with¬†Chris Jeffery

Favourite celebrity chef?
Chef Chuck Hughes

Favourite ingredient?

If you could cook for anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
My Grandmother, baking with her when I was growing up is what made me interested in a culinary career.

Favourite cookbook?
On Food and Cooking by Harod McGee – it really breaks down and explains the science of cooking with great detail.

If you weren’t a chef, what you would be doing?
Law School

Best meal you have ever had?
Venison loin with carrot and star anise puree and roasted hazelnuts, a dish from my time in New Zealand. It was the most perfectly balanced dish that I have ever had.

Kitchen tool you couldn’t live without?
My knives, the most basic kitchen tool but definitely the most valuable. Sharpie is a close second.