Gahan To Go


Stick Around OR Take our Gahan Ales Home

There isn’t anything quite like handcrafted beer, especially when you enjoy it in the same spot that it’s made. We would love to have you on the waterfront all the time, but when you can’t make it into see us, have no fear; you can take Gahan to go!

That’s right, you can fill up a growler on your way out! No excuses, you can now enjoy our beer all the time!
Be the big man on campus and bring friends and family the most delicious craft beer to family get-togethers, BBQ’s, Christmas, and retirement parties.

For more information, please ask our servers.

We are now closed.

Thank you so much for all your support over the past five years! Gahan is not going away from Halifax though, we are in the process of moving to 1615 Grafton Street to become Gahan Nova Centre. As well, stay tuned for a new restaurant opening in this location in April, 2019: Pickford & Black Local Seafood & Craft Beer (