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La Mallet

Shippagan, NB

A family-owned business that has been producing and marketing eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica) for over 30 years. The company is based in Shippagan, a town located on the northeast coast of New Brunswick. Their main products are two brands of oysters: “La St-Simon” and “La Mallet”. They are unique oysters because of their amazingly balanced flavor. Tastes of salt at first followed by a sweet and creamy finish.

Merigomish Oysters

Pictou County, Nova Scotia

Just beyond New Glasgow, headed towards Cape Breton, lies Merigomish. Known for their pearly white shells, Merigomish oysters are high in fat and yield shells that are full to the brim with plump, luscious flesh and medium-bodied salinity.

Royal Canadian

Prince Edward Island

The Royal Canadian oyster is carefully cultivated for 6 to 7 years in crystal clear waters. Its farming relies on a unique fusion of techniques; it is first firmly wedged in the clay soil of Hunter River, where this oyster begins its journey. After about 3 years, each oyster is hand harvested and placed in cages suspended on the surface. Thenceforth, the currents and tides shape it. The result: a polished, regular shell, with a dense flesh, offers a pronounced, boldly saline taste, with a touch of wild mushrooms.

Summer Love

Prince Edward Island

The Summer Love oyster offers a perfectly balanced flavor. A creamy start with a touch of citrus and a rich finale, evoking the slightly salty and velvety taste of butter, wrapped in a sleek, delicate shell, this oyster promises a delight of unrivalled sweetness.

Shiny Seas

New London Bay, PEI

Grown in cages that roll with the currents, these cocktail size oysters are a perfect beginner oyster. They are handled often in their early stages of growth and harvested by Linkletter and Power after just 4 years.

Lucky Limes

New London Bay, PEI

Influenced by algae abundant waters these plump and textured oysters come in thick, bright green shells which are always unmistakably choice in shape. Linkletter and Power harvest from New London Bay, PEI

Irish Points

Rustico, PEI

These cocktail oysters are basically a smaller version of the Daisy Bays. Bottom grown in colder waters with tidal movements from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Linkletter and Power harvest these from around Rustico, PEI


Neguac, NB

Mounted in floating bags just below the surface and finished in deep water free of ice for the winter months generating salty yet sweet notes with a hint of hazelnut to finish. Maison Beausoleil has been cultivating oysters for 15 years out of Neguac, NB

Boss Gibson

New Brunswick

Boss Gibson oysters are plump and the meat is firm with a medium salty liquor giving a clean, crisp and refreshingly briny taste of the ocean. A perfect oyster for both the beginner palate as well as the oyster connoisseur.